Many people and dogs deserve an extra special thanks for opening their lives and sharing their stories for this book, including: my mom, who taught me about the nature of dogs, and the important life-lessons they have to offer; Jay Peterson Bird, Pit Bull Attorney at Law was my first doggie friend as an adult who taught my husband, John, about the love of canine companions; Coconut Pete, No. 1 Wild Man, a hound dog who loved to chase deer away from the vineyards; Jackson, a wild woman hound dog; and Barkley, a doggie friend who lived his life to fullest. This book is dedicated to him.

I’d also like to thank Jamie Andrules and Erin E. Williams of Andrules+Fries Design, Inc.; Edith, Mike, Winston and Cho Poo Rowe for giving me free reign of their pool; Susan, from Salty Paws, for the use of her pool; My associate, Carrie Roen, for all of her help with the doggies, retouching photos and her many wonderful ideas; My hubby John, for all his support and critiques, as well as helping with many of the photo shoots; and all of the amazing doggies and their owners, who without all of them, this book would not be possible.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support. You turned one of my dreams into a reality.” –Brooke Mayo